Monday, February 1, 2016

You're NOT welcome!

Charlie is very different from his older brother in many ways, though both are kind and like lots of cuddles...but sometimes their differences show up in sharp contrast. Last week, as Charlie woke up from a nap on the couch, the pups were barking on the deck trying to get in from the cold. Unfortunately Harriet was asleep on me and I was loathe to move her. So I asked Charlie to let the doggies in... He was sleepy though had moved to get a toy so it felt reasonable to ask him. His reluctance was clear, though, but I persisted, mentioning that the doggies were cold and sad out there... VERY reluctantly he got up and shuffled to the deck door, sliding it open and then closing it. 

He stood there looking at the floor, very sad indeed.... I shouted over that he was such a kind boy. "Thank you so much, Charlie. That was incredibly kind of you.. especially since you didn't want to do it". Now Raf would undoubtedly have been buoyed by this feedback. But Charlie snapped back.. "You're welcome"... before he quickly corrected himself, amending, "you're NOT welcome", before grumpily making his way back to the couch.

He's a mischievous soul. As we drove to Yadera's house this morning he suddenly said, "I don't want to die. If anyone tries to die me I'll say, "no best friend, don't die me, you silly stinky pants'.

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