Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day!

4 days before Valentine's Day we decided to host a little party. At the very last minute we invited some neighborhood friends and Raf's little group of boy friends from school. Lots of scrambling on the Saturday to make cupcakes and cookies for our friends to decorate, but really worth it as we had a super time, and virtually everyone who we invited was able to come. Before our guests arrived, though, we surprised the children with some Valentine's Day books, a stuffy, and a little balloon... any excuse to buy them some books, frankly. They were really happy and excited. 

Harriet's first Valentine's Day <3 p="">


And then it was a VERY mad rush to get ready for our friends.

Homemade cakes, cookies, and icing.. and some yummy things to decorate.

Some eats for the grownups.

And we even had time for a little dance party.

Charlie and Dylan stealing all the grapes.

Lauren and Hatts... BFFs.

And then Charlie passed out as soon as our last guests left.

The next day, the children and I decorated some of the remaining cupcakes to delve to some other neighbours.

And look at these beautiful roses from my big Valentine! The balloons were the children's.

Lovely party and holiday... perhaps a new annual event!

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