Saturday, May 9, 2009

... oh no

I must have surely spoken too soon....

Last night the run of smoothies=good came to an end. Despite taking the max dose of zofran I was sick as can be. And today it's just continued. Pretty horrific nausea - even with the meds - and extreme fatigue. And I am seriously running out of foods to eat. A new day brings a new aversion. Unfortunately, today, it's my trusty smoothie. I did manage a berry one this morning, but the mango one is out, and I am not confident that I could manage another berry one.

I don't know how to describe a food aversion. It's very much beyond a simply like/dislike. Before pregnancy I had no appreciation for this phenomenon. Indeed I think my reaction to pregnant women who had aversions to 'healthy food' was something like this: Oh, come-on. Suck it up.. eat those greens.. aversions are no excuse

Perhaps that karma is coming back to haunt me...

I am beginning to feel ready not to be pregnant.


  1. aw, sweetheart, how awful.

    you are almost there, alex. i wish i could say something more comforting than that. how about you tell me something you think you can manage and i'll make it for you the morning of the shower...?

    Haha - can you tell how much i wish i was closer to take care of you?!

    love you.
    take it so, so easy, friend.

  2. awww alex,
    you poor girl. i'm sorry to read that the smoothies are now on the way out too :(

    what more can i say?
    it's nearly over! the countdown is ON :)

    be gentle on yourself hon

  3. Oh, dear. So very sorry, Alex! Oh how I wish I could make this nausea go away. Sending you lots of sympathy and hopes that a new idea will present itself. . . .

    Thinking of you!

  4. this sucks so much. i hope you find something you hadn't thought of that you can eat or that old aversions begin to lift! They should take it in turns for god's sake

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    I do feel a bit sorry for myself... what's been more low level nausea this week has given way to that terrible first trimester sickness. Now, though, I am really, really worried that this is having a terrible impact on the poppet. He's meant to be gaining a half pound a week and I don't know where he's going to get it should this continue.

    I did, though, remember that in the first trimester I could often eat cornflakes, so Rich scurried to the store last night and bought me some!

    Man, I'm even feeling sick at the thought of those Cheetos :)

  6. how awful alex... i simply can't imagine putting up with nausea & food aversions for so long (3 months was more than long enough!) i'm not surprised you are ready not to be pregnant anymore!

    kate xx


    Thinking of you fondly today and hoping you are feeling a bit better.


  8. happy mother's day, baby.
    i hope you're feeling so much better.

  9. Alex, the placenta is an amazing organ. It will make sure Poppet gets what he needs. But I do hope the Corn Flakes worked out! Thinking of you with fingers crossed.


  10. What's your smoothie recipe? Megan and I completed exhaustive amounts of research and found that, for us, using frozen berries was the trick, as it negated the need for potentially diluting ice-cubes, and then a vanilla yogurt (but not an overly strong one, less the whole thing be too sweet).

    Also, rather randomly, Megan's access to meds means that the motion-sickness drug of choice in our house is, in fact, Zofran. Some might argue it's a little over the top to use a drug usually prescribed to quell nausea in chemo patients, but hey, that's just how we roll...

  11. Thanks for my happy mother day wishes! You're so sweet to think about it. And you know the food aversions DID lift for a bit. I rested most of the day Saturday (after the I felt okay in the morning), and I rested all day yesterday, just sitting at my computer working on putting together an online course. I felt much better for it... Kate bought me a mother's day gift over of Cheetos and Starburst :) Very sweet!

    Hey Tom... The Zofran is like magic.. When I am not taking regular doses (usually because I think I'm getting over this sickness and try life without my Zofran hit) I get hit very quickly with severe nausea. I swear that Zofran has kept me sane this pregnancy. I tried EVERYTHING to abate the sickness, but nothing helped. This is my little miracle worker. lol, you two are so funny,.. ! But it is considered a very safe drug :)

    As for the smoothies recipe. I have tried lots of recipes, but, like for you, the frozen fruit is a must. I usually whiz up soymilk (or some variant) with a lot of frozen berries/mango/banana. I have used yogurt, too, and that's very good. I have tried adding protein powders and some gross 'green' mix to up the nutrition but my stomach seems to reject any shake with the added bits.

    Hope you're well, buddy.