Friday, September 18, 2015

Waiting for the Bus

Raf loves the bus, and that is a vast understatement. I've asked if I can pick him up, so we can play in the play ground, for instance, but he really has no interest. So we wait for the bus each morning and each afternoon. He has lots of little bus friends - mostly Lucy and a couple of boys - Jackson and Quinn (both in his class). 

Here we go... 

Dancing to a bit of Katy Perry as we wait.

Bye, Charlie.

Bye, Rafi. You're my best friend (he now calls this out every time Raf gets on the bus... sniff, sniff).

Even the pups wait...

Here it comes...


And waiting for him to return.

And today, Harriet and I waited on the step whilst Charlie rested.

So happy to have him back.

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