Monday, June 29, 2015

First week of summer!

We've enjoyed a fun packed week of no school. It's been lovely not having to rush off in the morning to school, in fear of receiving a tardy (only one this year... completely my fault). On Tuesday we headed to the Burmans' house for a pre birthday party. Sadly they'll be missing Raf's party but they put on a surprise party for Raf! Lovely surprise with special, favourite snacks for the boys, presents, and sangria for this mama. Much needed, frankly!

Addie and Calla singing happy birthday - absolutely beautifully!

Hatts hanging out with Margaret and the girls.

The next day we had a super play date with Raf's buddy Rohit and his siblings. I will tell you that leaving the beach with a howling baby and a tired toddler plus beach toys, blankets, and bags... was HORRIFYING! But worth it... as the boys had so much fun. Rohtit's mum is lovely, so it was another fun playdate for us all.

5 kids and one in the moby.

Jumping waves...

When we returned from the beach (again, HORRENDOUS!) we decided to hit a children's concern. I keep forgetting his name, but apparently the entertainer is something of a Maine household name (Rick Cherette, I think!) The boys had a brilliant time dancing around, and beforehand playing games and eating free food :)

Quite sedate at first...

And then they let loose...

All om stage!

The next day Charlie managed to get his kite to fly...

And Hatts got some thinking time in.

We got to enjoy some beautiful time at the beach on Thursday evening. My very favourite time to be there. I limited the children to toys they could carry and only brought one towel. A really lovely hour with my lovely loves.

Worn out from the beach... Hatts had fallen asleep on me again and I managed to extract myself for a few minutes.

And Raf inserted himself.

Friday was a day for running chores (new running shoes for the boys) and we spent much of Saturday in the garden. Raf helped to plant a flower for Harriet as she watched on. He said to me, as I weeded a little way away, 'I just rocked her when she woke up, mummy'.

And then he scaled a tree... well, with some help.

And then Raf did, too.

Rich was out for the evening and after I braved a dinner time trip to the shops with the children, we arrived home and as I made homemade pizzas and the boys played happily in our new dig out flowerbed. I could hear lots of laughter... and then I discovered...

THIS! They'd been playing 'mud angels' and were covered, and I mean covered, in mud. I popped them into the bath as dinner grew cold on the table, and we ate dinner just before collapsing into bed.

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