Saturday, May 30, 2015


A couple of weeks ago Charlie started trying out Raf's old scooter He seemed to really get the hang out of it, so he tried Raf's newer scooter (a mini micro hand-me-down from cousin Freya) and was off like a little fearless speed demon! Raf had outgrown that scooter so we decided to invest in new scooters for both boys. We were planning on waiting until their birthdays, but frankly the spring and summer is when they'd use them the most so we decided to spring from some new ones now. We got Raf the next size up, and we also decided to buy Chaz his very own mini micro. These scooters are not cheap(!). but Chaz picked out his own colour, and both were so happy when they arrived a couple days later. Charlie is completely mad on his, and has a new set of bruises and abrasions to prove it. 

Hatts hanging out in the moby, watching her brothers.

And then the next day she'd had enough and took a nap...

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  1. Rafi and Charlie look like they're having so much fun! Harriet is such a beauty already. Just as well she's got two big brothers to bat off the 'unsuitable' guys when she's older! ;-)

    I love her sunhat so much. Alice had a broderie anglaise one so similar when she was a baby; her little mop cap that disguised just how bald she was under it!!

    I hope you are all keeping well. x