Monday, May 4, 2015

Meeting their Sister.

Harriet Rose is 6 days old today. I wish I could redo the week as it's been lovely to have her home and the time in the hospital was uneventful (I have a blog about Hattie's heart coming up), and it was good to spend some time with her whilst the boys were at school or with the nanny. They did come to visit their sister at the hospital a few hours after she was born. Raf hasn't gotten to school by the time she was born, so Rich texted a picture to Shannon and showed it to him, and he went to school as excited as could be. I emailed a picture of Hattie to Raf's teacher, and she kindly printed it off and showed all of Raf's classmates. He was very proud. We also texted Mollie, our nanny, a picture and she let us know that Charlie kept asking to see the phone and hugging it!

They were incredibly excited to come to visit her for the first time. They stopped along the way for balloons and flowers, and I could hear them coming down the corridor...!

Very exciting...!

Frankly Raf was a little more interested in giving and then receiving gifts :) Hatts gave them a train each and a little train track to share. Raf bought Hatts a pink teddy bear and Charlie got her a caterpillar (which he was obsessed with her having at all times!)

Hurrah... trains!

Beautiful flowers and fun balloons.

And then they were back to their sister. Charlie, especially, wanted to see and inspect her. He kept asking if we could take her home (and suggested that we bought her!).

Both very, very tender.

One on one snuggles. Raf was taking it all very seriously. It was a bit overwhelming for them, frankly. They'd been up very early because we left for the hospital in such a hurry, and whilst they were being excellent big brothers to Hatts, they were not being excellent to each other. So Rich whisked them up with promises to visit the next day.

On Wednesday morning Charlie stopped by with Mollie and Annie. Chaz was unbelievably excited. No kisses and hugs for me, but many, many for his sister. 

Keeping an eye on her as the Dr. inspects her...

Lots and lots of snuggles and kisses. I was so surprised that he was as gentle as he is.

And then Raf came with Rich a little later. It was good for each of them to see her alone (as they were already fighting over who would hold her!). Raf watching as the nurse takes some blood. Poor Hattie.

And then he got into bed with us and helped to calm her down by letting her suck his finger. Very helpful big brother.

And then this little poppet returned with the nanny for more kisses and cuddles.

Eventually Dad got a turn to hold her. She is not short of loving arms waiting to have a cuddle.

And our first family of FIVE picture. Feeling very lucky.


  1. Such sweet photos! I hope you frame the one with 3 kids.

  2. Ah this is a beautiful encapsulation of a very special time. You capture the moments perfectly. It's like poetry xxxxx

  3. So gorgeous! You're blessed with the most wonderful family. x