Thursday, April 30, 2015

Little Harriet Rose

It took us a while but little girl is called Harriet Rose. We don't know what exactly she'll go by (so many nickname possibilities and also she may end up going by Rose), but we think it's the name that suits her best.

This morning the hospital photographer stopped by for a little while and took some snapshots of little one. She got some good ones! She is so tiny! I think we will have some shopping to do as she is going to be absolutely swimming in most of her clothes! 


  1. Oh Alex she is so beautiful!!!!! I love love love these photos, and her name! xoxoxo

  2. such a sweet & beautiful name for a precious little girl.
    love <3 X

  3. A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Hope you're feeling well. x

  4. She's so sweet and adorable!!! Congratulations!