Thursday, April 2, 2015

Little Ms. Poppet - 34 weeks

On Monday I had my 34 week scan to check up on little ms. Poppet (as Rich calls her). Everything is looking good - measuring on track and quite average in every way except for her fairly large abdomen! This makes her estimated weight to be already close to 6 pounds. I take these scans with a massive pinch of salt when it comes to weight as the boys always were estimated to be bigger in utero  than they actually were. Still, this little one is estimated to be bigger than the boys at this stage - and indeed by an entire pound bigger than Charlie. That's my girl!

She passed her biophysical with flying colours and despite my fundal height measuring a couple of sees behind, she is thriving, and in the 62nd percentile for size. So all looking good...

Here is her foot in my rib! And believe me I can feel it. Raf thinks it's hysterical when she does this, and both the boys tell her to 'stop kicking mummy in the ribs' (whilst laughing like loons).

Unlike the boys she does not cooperate when it comes to having her picture taken, so in spite of the many scans I've had - and continue to have - there are very few photos. We managed to catch a quick picture when she turned (she was looking towards my back for the most part... that, or she has a hand over her face). Already pouting (Charlie has that mastered). She also has some tufts of hair, according to the sonographer - and we're wondering what colour the hair (and eyes) will be!

35 weeks tomorrow! Yikes. 

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  1. She looks super cute :) Keep cooking Ms Poppet!!!