Monday, April 13, 2015

Brief Update

A little Ms. Poppet update. I will admit that it's been an abysmal week. I have literally researched my way into a nervous breakdown. I saw Deb on Friday, who has taken over my OB care, which was so helpful. First I had to pick up my records from my midwives and I felt very, very sad as I did so, but Deb is phenomenal, as is her staff who are always so nice to me and so welcoming. All my stats looks great: blood pressure, weight gain, tummy measuring just a little bit behind, etc., and Deb was pretty reassuring. I then spoke with the cardiologist and he outlined what would be involved at Maine Med (a NICU attending, a pediatric cardiologist near by or there depending on immediate availability), mentioned links to certain genetic syndromes (gah), and left me feeling rather anxious. The next morning I emailed with a sonographer friend of mine who then managed to talk me down... and then I put a research embargo on myself, and that has helped no end.

I was dreading my scan today as I was worried they'd pick up new issues and find new areas of concern on my scan. Thankfully everything looked great - except the stenosis, of course - but I left feeling somewhat relieved that nothing new had emerged. Just a few weeks to go - in fact I suppose it could be any day now. I'm back into the classroom tomorrow and honestly, while I'll love seeing my students, I'm feeling nervous about how I'll get through the coming weeks with the level of busyness. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I know I'd worry just the same if in your position - it's natural to do so. I just hope everything being put in place at Maine Med is just precautionary and the birth will be smooth and straightforward and your daughter will give no cause for concern. Pregnancy is tough at the best of times, let alone with extra worry heaped on for good measure during the last trimester.
    Being busy may work in your favour and keep your mind occupied, but I hope you can listen to your body and rest as much as you feel is necessary. I know how hard that is with your career and the boys at home, but good luck Alex. I'm holding you in my thoughts. xx

  2. Just checking in to see how you're doing Alex. x

  3. Thanks for checking in, Emma! Aside from the stenosis everything is looking good on the scans. Trying to keep the faith that this will all be fine and very mild! Much easier to do when you're not googling every three minutes (which I've ceased doing).

    Also, I don't have the access code to your blog. I couldn't find it any email.. would you mind sending it me? xo

  4. I'm really pleased to hear all is well. Thanks for the update, Alex.

    I'll email you now. Please let me know if you receive it. I'm assuming you've not changed your email address so hopefully you should get it through in your inbox but perhaps check your spam too. x