Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring is sort of here.

It's been another busy week. Raf was on spring break and with Mollie, our nanny out of town, it was even busier as I also headed into the final couple of weeks of classes, and being so pregnant I'm really trying to get ahead in case baby girl puts in appearance. 

On the Friday the boys accompanied me to see Dr. Deb, and they were very helpful! (They also came yesterday, and were once again very good boys).

And on the same date, the 17th, Chaz turned 2 and a half! We had a cake celebration - though it was truly a disaster of a cake as I had to bake it quickly before the boys returned from swimming and it was a little (a lot!) under baked. Still, even if I couldn't get it out of the mould it did taste delicious. 

For most of Spring break Raf was at swim camp with his chums Nico and Enzo. He met some new friends, including a little boy called Max, who he really liked. On the Monday, though, Raf, Charlie and I headed for a play date with one of Raf's best kindergarten friends, Gideon. His mum is lovely and Gideon has a little sister who is absolutely adorable. The four of them had such a brilliant time, and as we left Raf revealed that he was very keen on Violet! I think he has a little crush. He said to Charlie, "I have a new girlfriend". Charlie responded, "no, she's my girlfriend". Oh dear. 

Raf had a fabulous time at swim camp. I think next time we'll put Charlie in to see if he's ready. His friend Enzo was there and did the entire program.

We have been enjoying the slightly warmer temps too. Up until last week there was snow still on the ground. Indeed our back garden was completely covered until the week before Raf's holiday.

Snow-castles and hopscotch. It's been a while since we saw our driveway.

It's been a very, very late start to spring... but fun with our neighbours in their sandpit.

Look, no socks! This was actually Charlie's first time forward facing in my car. He really liked it. I've had to change things around to fit the baby seat in (so far very unsuccessfully... ).

And before break, with the warmer temps, Charlie and I picked up Raf from school but stayed an hour or so to play in the play ground. Raf had a 'date' with his 'girlfriend' Nyah (yes, another one, and this deserves a post of its own). Rich met us there as I had to go to work afterward, but it was lovely soaking up the sun.

It was also a busy week getting the house ready. It still isn't. The boys and I popped to the shops to pick up even more paint. We still need someone to help us paint the staircase walls as they're too high, as well as our bedroom which also has high ceilings.  I managed, though, to paint the remainder of downstairs, though I need to touch up everywhere. 

Still need to get the doggies hair cut, but Sammy is looking sweet even if there's no point washing any cushions until they've been groomed. We'll get to that at some point.


  1. After all that snow you must be so glad to see the signs of spring.
    Lots of gorgeous photos of the boys and a very happy '2 and a half' birthday to Charlie. How lovely to think his little sister will be here for his next celebration cake and of course Rafi's before then!
    I hope you get all your work done before the little one arrives. Perhaps she's just waiting for you to slow down and then she'll decide to make her arrival.
    Take care. x

  2. Hi Alex,
    I hope all is well. I dreamt you'd had the baby last night, but that you were in Devon - all very strange!
    I hope that I'm right and she's here safe and well. If not, apologies......(I often have weird dreams) and I'm sure she'll be here very soon.
    Take care x