Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter, 2015

We had a really lovely Easter. Raf was as excited as you can be about it, and indeed he's talked about little else lately! He made some cards for the Easter Bunny - one from him and Charlie and another from his sister. 

He asked if the Easter Bunny would bring a little bunny for his sister...!

On the saturday the boys and I started to make the Easter cake. We've also been looking forward to this cake making all week! The boys would suddenly out of no where, grab our hands and in a circle jump up and down singing, 'we're going to make a cake, we're going to make a cake...' And then Raf assigned everyone jobs.

They did a very nice job sharing duties once the big day came...

And they very much enjoyed licking the bowl for a quick taste.

They were exceedingly lucky to have quite a bit left over to mop up.

In the morning we put them in the bath so we could quickly go and lay a trail of eggs. The snow has been horrendous this year so there is still plenty on the ground. So instead of heading to our usual spot we had to be a bit inventive...

And the Easter Bunny actually left their baskets inside for a change! Each boy got a little train and a few odds and ends. They were over the moon! Raf has a new engine, Duck.

And Charlie received the much coveted Bertie the Bus.

There were lots of bunny themed things in their tins. Soft bunny, sweetie bunnies, etc.


Even their little sister received a little something.

All the boys, including Rich, received an Easter shirt, which they were all very excited about. Charlie really likes a collar and is quite particular sometimes about what he wants to wear.

We enjoyed a nice tofurky lunch.

And after a long lie-down, I came downstairs to help the boys finish off the cake decorations.

No such thing as too many sprinkles.

Ta da!

And just when you couldn't have been more sugared up, it was bedtime and stories with new Easter books.

A really lovely Easter with the favourites.

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