Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break and Chaz gets a Haircut

Before the advent of bed rest, I was on spring break. Sadly Ra's spring break doesn't coincide with mine but Rich took a couple of days off and on the Wednesday, must to the massive surprise of Raf, we all piled in the car to 'take Raf to school', but instead drove right past it! We were playing hooky. First we headed to the bookstore for some breakfast snacks and a play with some trains. They did remarkably well to leave with not one engine.

Next, it was time to get some haircuts. Raf led the way and showed his brother that there was nothing to be afraid of. The lollipops really helped Chaz to not be afraid... He is very motivated by lollipops.

We didn't take a lot off but we did do away with the mullet that Charlie was in danger of sporting (especially when his curls would fall away).

Raf's posh new 'do'.

Ah, very nice boys.

And then it was off to the indoor trampoline place! Charlie was asleep for some of it, but once he woke up the boys had a fabulous time. Chaz didn't so much bounce as run around chasing his brother.

The next evening the boys made pizza... with real dough.

I tried to explain that rolling pins weren't quite what we use, but they had fun anyway.

And on Friday, when I was on bed rest, the boys enjoyed a nice snuggle with their sister. I could hardly breathe!

En route home from running some chores I discovered the boys holding hands. Such good bothers and friends (sometimes....). And a special treat juice in the midst of running some chores.

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