Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Big Apple!

Last week I headed to New York City for a conference. It was my first time flying solo since Raf was born! It was just a couple of days and thankfully mum was still here to help as Rich generally works quite late. Our lovely, kind neighbour, Shannon, picked up Raf from school and delivered him to mum, which was such a relief as didn't want to pop him on the bus. So on Wednesday morning, before the crack of dawn, I headed to the airport for a very early flight. The plane was very delayed because apparently it was too heavy to fly in the cold conditions.. so 6 passengers were asked to leave. And then we were de-iced (which was quite a process....!)

I took a terrifying taxi journey into the city and met a friend for some tea, which was a lovely couple of hours. It was FREEZING! I've sadly outgrown my winter coats so I was wearing a much too cold flimsy thing that made walking around the city fairly unfun. But the view from my hotel window made me happy to stay inside the walls of the hotel for dinner.... and I had a very nice room service meal whilst face timing with the boys.

The hotel was right next to Time Square so a less than 30 second walk had me in the midst of the craziness.

After giving my paper (which went well.. and I met with two publishers who are interested in a possible book project), I headed out to buy some gifts for the little ones. I was accosted by several super hero characters who fleeced me out of $10 but the boys enjoyed the pictures I texted to them.

Whilst I enjoyed the trip it wasn't nearly as much fun as I was expecting as I missed the boys so much. I also flew across the hotel lobby as I was leaving to return to the airport...! Everyone coped without me, though Charlie was very sad when he realized I wasn't going to be back for the night. I was very glad to be home and mum had kindly waited up until after midnight to welcome me back. I am sure my next conference won't be a solo trip....

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