Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Conversations with Charlie Boy.

I have to admit that I appreciate not feeling dreadful, so resting more is having a very positive effect on my physical well-being. It is a little isolating, and since I gave up FB for Lent and thus don't share poppet links, our readership is down to perhaps one reader! Physical and virtual isolation is not perhaps the best thing when on bed rest but luckily I have the funny boys to keep me company when they come home from school and our nanny's. 

This is how I get them to eat their vegetables... Chas is pretending here to be a chicken. The place is a mess after meals!

The boys are also obsessed with bottoms and privates. Growing up with all sisters I had no inkling about the obsession boys have with their privates! Running around semi-naked is part of getting ready for baths or pajamas. Every. Single. Night. Here's Chas running around delighting as he shouts, 'dinky, dinky, dinky'!

Charlie spends a lot of his day singing Thomas and Train, according to our nanny. To avoid going to sleep he'll often start singing, talking to monsters and shadows, and striking up random conversations, This was him last night.. I put on the light to tape his singing. 

After this, in response to my nose-blowing (I have a miserable sinus infection) he said, 'mummy very sick. I'm sick, too. My wheels hurt'! He then changed wheels to 'feet' and declared that his feet were sick and that he couldn't walk!

He does make me laugh.


  1. Aww, I'm glad I found your blog ! I've been thinking of you., so sorry for the irritable uterus . I had that with my boys. Hang in there . Email anytime . .I've backed off fb quite a bit.

  2. I'm reading along and missing you on Facebook! I'm excited to hear updates and I'm looking forward to little girl poppet!

    Miss you - Xerxella

  3. I still pop by and enjoy reading about your busy life Alex. I should comment more often, especially as I'm not on FB, so I apologise.
    Wishing you a safe and relaxed end to the pregnancy and a beautiful baby girl in your arms in the next 6 weeks. You must be so excited! Having an irritable uterus must be awful and is something I never experienced, but know how difficult pregnancy can be. Not long now though.
    I bet you can't wait to see the boys meet their little sister. What a magical time you have ahead of you.
    Take care. x

  4. Thanks, Julie! I miss chatting... I'm working on a little post about the sweet gifts baby girl has been sent... I have a lovely photo of the frame you sent. That is basically the only ornamental thing we have so far!

    Susan, I am missing you! I can't wait to log on to FB to sneak some pics at your little guy! He must be getting so big!

    Emma, I've been meaning to email you for AGES about your blog... how are you? xo

    1. I look forward to chatting when you have time. I guess I need another set of twins; N said "couple more babies! Couple more babies ! " today.

    2. I'm well thanks, Alex. Feel free to email anytime; I'm at the same address. If for any reason you don't have my addy, let me know here and I'll email you - providing you're still at the same email address too!
      It'd be lovely to catch up. :) xx