Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Break

Laat week Raf was on winter break. It doesn't, unfortunately, correspond to any of my breaks at school but fortunately mum was here and our new nanny was starting - so good timing. It has been an incredibly cold winter (the coldest February on record, apparently) so there were a lot of snuggles for the brothers, some movie time, and some trips out.

After work on the Monday I took the boys to the Children's Museum, which was terrible timing as there was some huge event going on in Portland and it took us almost an hour to park! Still, we had a nice, albeit brief visit before we had to pick up Nana from the shops where we'd dropped her off earlier. First things first, Charlie demanded a snack - so we headed to the snack tables and the boys played in the 'diner' there. I had some lovely veggie pretends and plastic ice creams.

Next to the farm.. to stack hay.

And 'water' the cow.

And then off to the fire truck.

Then to fix some cars...

Lots of art was created.

And the boys very much enjoyed being looked after by their nana... ice pops, movies, tucked up on the couch 

Alarmed that there was even more snow.

So the boys played 'sleeping kitties'...

On Wednesday, our new nanny, Mollie, started. She is GREAT! Both boys headed over there for the day. On Thursday they were there again... It was bitterly cold but the big boys braved the elements. Chas was a bit sad about being left inside but dressed up in James' furry costume with the massive tale and he was a happy camper once again.

So glad to have Mollie. The boys really like her and she's been great about taking Charlie and Annie out on adventures. 

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