Thursday, May 7, 2015

Seven Days of Hatts!

Hattie turned 1 week old on Tuesday. I have to admit to being more than a little sad that this newborn period passes so quickly, and Hatts is really a little dream. Whether it will last, we will see, but she's so far so laid back, and the adjustment to three has been really great. Mind you, we're only 9 days into it so things could always go awry.

Some snapshots of Hattie during her first 7 days.

DAY ONE: April 28th

Deb catching Hatts! Fine set of lungs... and that HAIR!

Little snuggle before the NICU people took her off to make sure she was okay. And then we got her back...

And then the boys came for a visit.. their first meeting.

DAY TWO: April 29th 

Lots of snoozing, visitors, and vital sign checks...!

Back to sleep...

Day Three: April 30th

Still snoozing...

But awake for more visitors... and photographs, and about 10 people coming in to do surveys on my experience.

And then the boys were back.. they climbed into bed immediately for a cuddle.

And then we headed home... Our friend and neighbor Shannon had left us yummy food, a bag of gifts, and much needed beer :)

Welcome, Hattie Rose!

 Day Four: May 1st 

The boys were beside themselves when they woke up... morning cuddles all around (and indeed every morning since she arrived home).

The boys headed to school and to the nanny's, and Hatts and I hung out... well, I was grading She was a supreme help and did a lot of napping. Not an ideal welcome home but there wasn't really a plan in place for work in the event that she made an early appearance.

Poor old Hattie developed her first cold (we're all poorly with a nasty cough and cold that will not go away!), so we headed in to see Deb to make sure that she was breathing okay (she was). 

Day Five: May 2nd

More cuddles!

And then goodbye cuddles as the boys head to swimming and gym (though poor Chaz was much too poorly to go swimming himself and poor boy ended up in Urgent Care that evening.)

We did manage to get out for a lovely walk around the neighborhood, though, and I was very relieved that Hattie so far really likes the Moby. Photos by Raf.

Day Six: May 3rd 


And then an afternoon visit with the lovely Burmans.

Day Seven: May 4th

Yes, more cuddles.

And then a goodbye kiss and cuddle.. 

Hatts and I walked Chaz over to Annie's house, and Mollie took the toddlers on a little day trip.

And Hatts and I did more grading.. and got everything in!

I picked up the crew and we headed to the play ground after school. Hattie was happy to hang out in the moby.

Sweet boys.

Happy One Week Old, Hatts!

Let's celebrate with more cuddles...!

Hatts and I headed to her one week check up. She was back up to her birth weight and seems really great. (Waiting to hear back from her cardiology before I can post a proper update about her heart issue).  I made the heinous mistake of taking all three children to the supermarket after school. The boys were exhausted and behaved in kind...! They were actually fine in the shops but getting them into their carseats, as they argued over who was going to hold the banana chips, took longer than it should!

We did have a very fun time celebrating Hatts' first week. Pizza party and then a cake, of course!

Already 9 days old, and I'm already willing time to slow down. 


  1. What wonderful, wonderful photos! Cannot WAIT to meet her! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Jen! I cannot wait to see you!! xoxoxoxo

  3. First comment didn't stick, but excited for you! Beautiful pictures. I wish I could snuggle her! I met my niece 2 days ago and she's sweet and little, too. I really need another one.

  4. Such adorable photos and a gorgeous family of five!
    Enjoy these early days. As you so rightly say, they go too fast! xx