Saturday, May 30, 2015

Happy One Month, Harriet Rose!

Harriet turned one month old on Thursday. It's difficult to imagine life without her, and, at the same time, how has she already been here for a MONTH! She is such a sweet girl, and the boys adore her. She is growing at a fast pace, and on Tuesday, at 4 weeks old, weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces (over two pounds up from her hospital release weight), and measured 21.25 inches long (1.25 inches more than her birth length). Needless to say she is growing out of her very sweet newborn clothes, which I currently continue to squeeze her in to.

We were actually at the drs on Tuesday as she still has this awful cold, which turned into a horrible cough. This poor baby (the downside of very enthusiastic loving brothers!). She seems absolutely fine except for that, though since then I'm wondering if she's struggling with some reflux. She has her one month wellness check up on Monday so I'll check in with Deb about it then.

Other than that she is a sweet, happy girl. Her very favourite place to be is in the moby. She sleeps and happily hangs out in there as I run the boys around. She's also so very alert when she's awake. Unfortunately one of her most alert times is during the wee hours of the night - usually beginning at 2 or 3am. She's then fully awake for at least a couple of hours, and likes company. She goes back to sleep just as I need to be getting up... ! My best laid plans to get some time to do things such as work and even exercise have so far been foiled, as I generally decide to go back to sleep with Harriet... until Charlie wakes me up, that is!

Here she is on her one month birthday... 

And a double celebration week as it was of course also her 4 week anniversary! (No cake, though).

Another favourite place... on my shoulder.

And hanging out on the hoppy watching the boys.

My lovely, crazy children.

And of course we made some cakes to celebrate the big ONE MONTH... I went upstairs to change Hatts and came downstairs to Raf helping charlie to decorate his cupcake - which he proceeded moosh all over his face,

As you can see...!

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