Thursday, May 21, 2015

3 Celebrations!

May is full of things to celebrate. Harriet missed being a May celebration by just a couple of days, so she doesn't have to compete with so many other days, at least. On May 9th, we celebrated what would have been Dad's 90th birthday. As we usually do, we headed to one of the few places where he had enjoyed the food, and in fact was there for his 77th birthday when we first moved to the States. Federal Jacks is a nice pub with good beer and food, and even better - at least for Dad - there is POOL! The day before Raf asked if Charlie had met Grandpa before, and when I said they never did as Grandpa was already no longer with us, he exclaimed, 'thank goodness we still have nana!' 

After swimming that morning we headed to the shops and bought the boys little celebratory trains and teeshirts. Charlie now calls it his grandpa shirt! And then we headed to the pub for lunch.

Chips and beer of course featured..

And the funny children. Hatts sleeping through the entire affair.

And then it was a game of pool. It was VERY challenging playing with Harriet in the Moby as I couldn't really lean over...!

The boys had so much fun.

And then we took the boats in...

And Hatts woke up and lounged about for a while.

and the boys had warm baths. And we all enjoyed a snuggle...

As Chaz shows his new Charlie train to his underwhelmed sister.

The next morning was Mother's Day. Harriet's DUE DATE! Crazy that she was almost 2 weeks old by this point..  I enjoyed a lovely bowl of my favourite fruit and soy yogurt in bed and then we all got outside for some much needed gardening. It was a super warm day so we didn't stay out for too long, but we at least did some much needed clearing up. SO MUCH to do.

Of course Hattie joined in...

A plant from the boys.. made by Raf at school.

And then Hatts recovered by doing more lounging in her little summer dress.

Then we discovered half the power to our house was off (all better now but a bit of a nightmare), and we escaped to the beach. Harriet's first time! Yes, she slept the entire time!

The boys enjoyed digging and running down the beach with Rich.

And then it was my birthday on the 13th! Morning snuggles.. doesn't get better than that.

and then a surprise birthday breakfast! Featuring the biggest balloon in history.

A beautiful plant.

And flowers..

And a snuggly bathrobe. Prompting the boys to get theirs.. and we all modeled them.

That balloon!

Sweet labels.

And a cake indicating that I only have one more year left in my 30s.

It was good.. and many sprinkles, as added by the boys.

 Yes, that balloon again...

I've been starving since Harriet was born so I was glad for such a big cake and an entire tub of soy ice cream.

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  1. Belated happy birthday, Alex! It looks as if you have all had a great time and Hatts is amazingly well-behaved and has slipped perfectly into your family. I bet you can't remember life without her now. It's wonderful how we just adapt to another child so naturally.
    Enjoy the last 12 months of your thirties.....I have 8 months to go until the big 4-0 and I'm quite looking forward to the next decade. :) xx