Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My lovely big boy

Raf seems to have had a huge growth spurt in terms of his confidence and development. Some of his fears are lessening (and he's being much more independent as a result), he's had a very big boy haircut, is showing acute signs of embarrassment when 'girlfriends' are mentioned, and he even started to have showers (he has been wedded to bath time). 

This week was 'no screen time' week at school. I will admit that this was quite a challenging week with a new baby and with Rich working late most evenings, but he did it! It was actually great for us all as there seemed to be less argy bargy between the boys, and because Raf really wanted to complete the challenge, he didn't ask for TV or screen time, and found plenty of things to do... he wrote a couple of 'books' about Ninja Turtles, we read countless books on the couch together as I nursed Hatts, and we had a lot of fun outside.

He's taking his big brother duties very seriously.  He helps hold her when I'm trying to get dinner done, or just to have a snuggle.

Trying to cheer up a hungry Hatts while I was getting something... 

Making sure his sleeping brother didn't roll on his sister whilst I got the boys' clothes...

And just so many, many cuddles.

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  1. You'll have a six year old soon!!!! Lovely pictures.