Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hatts is TWO WEEKS old

Difficult to believe that Hattie is two weeks old today. It's gone so fast yet it seems that she's been with us forever. The boys are adjusting so well and seem to adore her. We've all been unwell since before she arrived, especially Charlie who has been dealing with a horrible cough, so the fact that I've been up so much during the nights has more to do with Charlie being poorly and little to do with the newborn in the house... until last night when she had a slightly difficult night. I think she must be going through a growth spurt and was a wee bit gassy. Hoping tonight is a little better for her. Mind you, she does sleep well during the day... 

Last night she had her first bath with the boys! She loved the water and the boys liked helping.

it's been a crazy filled two weeks. Unlike with the boys, life has just pretty much continued as usual. We head to the playground, go shopping, the boys go swimming, we play outside, go for walks as the boys ride their bikes or ride their scooters, I cook and clear-up (well, I try!), and on and on. I realize that working immediately has been utter madness (not much choice, frankly) and I do with I could just sit down and snuggle with my girlie. It was good to see a colleague and friend yesterday, who reminded me that these weeks, months and years are short and that this is the stuff that matters - not filling in reports and trying to get out an article. Still, it's difficult to step back in a society like the US where you're very much judged for taking time away from work, EVEN when you've just brought a little life into the world. It's almost as though you should pretend that nothing has happened!

But Hatts is here, and I love having my little bundles of joy around me.

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