Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8 months old!

During Raf's first year we celebrated everything. When he turned a week, a month, 6 months, 2/3rds of a year, etc. We made cakes, had balloons, went on celebratory family dates, and had little gifts. Last night as I was heading to bed I looked at my calendar to check an appointment and realized that Charlie was 8 months old that day. Poor old Charlie. Having two kids is such a different experience.

Today, though, we had a little celebration. After work Charlie and I picked up Raf from school and we headed to the park for a fun early evening play. Rich was in class but when he returned home we had some dinner and a 2/3rds of a year cake. (We really do enjoy a bit of cake in the Oliver-Campbell household). A bit late, but a nice little celebration.


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