Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day, 2013

We had a fun packed Father's Day. Last week, somewhat last minute, I signed us up a 5k race in Portland. It's a big event and there's a kid's fun run and we thought that Rafi might like to take part so off we went. We had to be up early and of course the boys were sleeping in... I left them cuddling together as I hopped in the shower.

I'd gotten the boys some teeshirts with 'I love Daddy. He is the Best' on them. Very sweet.

We got to Portland in plenty of time and before Rafi's race we practiced running on the track... When it was ready to go he was ready. He did so well!

It was about 1k and he ran all the way, though just before the end he said, 'I feel a bit sick'! He didn't stop, though, and he was happy with his medal.

Then it was time for our race. As a gift to Rich I said I's push the boys and he could run on his own...

90 plus pounds of boys and stroller. Lots of fun, and people were really encouraging as I struggled to push them up a long, never ending hill.

Thumbs' up!

Post race we headed to the park for a breakfast picnic, some playing, and duck feeding.

A friendly little squirrel.

I couldn't get us all in....

Funny Charlie.

We had a relaxing afternoon. Raf and I made a cake for Rich (any excuse! and after some Thai food (which Charlie loved), we enjoyed a nice walk and a big slice of cake.

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