Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Holiday!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. It was Nana's and Harriet's first one! Lots of firsts around here! Rich was also on holiday as he spent the week between jobs (new one begins today), so all of us had some time together, without rushing around like maniacs. 

Playing with blocks... 

Making pizzas with Nana...

Yes, we're quite not traditional in our house... the rolling pin is not something the Italians use, I'm sure.

And I wonder how many pizza chefs use scissors to make 'pizza spiders'!?

Oh dear... they tasted rather good, though.

On the day of Thanksgiving we enjoyed a nice bike ride in the rather balmy temps.

And then enjoyed a gorgeous feast.

And we didn't leave the pups out.

On Friday mum and I took Hatts for a little shopping trip. Yes, we're crackers but Nana was excited to experience the terrible Black Friday....! We only went to two shops!

Could she be any more lovely?

These two!

And then, enjoying more gorgeous late November weather, we hit the road for a family run and bike ride. Rich and Raf rode their bikes and I pushed the littlest two.

Come on, Dad!

We stopped off at the beach...

Thankful for these loons.

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