Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent: Days Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen

Advent: Day 15

Yes, Christmas art!

We were heading out for dinner at a colleague and friend's house so it had to be a relatively quick one. A sand art project turned out to be perfect.

Harriet looked on...

And the boys got to work.

Ta da... beautiful.

Very proud of their offerings.

Advent: Day 16

Advent surprises! Raf and Harriet had cardiology appointments so the plan was to take them all to Sweet Frog, an ice cream place that also offers vegan ice cream. Alas, despite it seeming open it was closed.. Luckily Nana had brought them lollipops whilst shopping.. I also stopped for some coconut ice-cream and some sweet treats to sprinkle on top as an alternative.

When we arrived home, though, there was another Christmas surprise... a little map with clues along the way.

We found the treat... A year pass to the BounceZone! So off we went for an hour of bouncing before our final evening Christmas treat.

We were the only ones there bouncing, and  lots of fun was had as Rich was able to join us after work for a little bit.

Finally we took the kids out in the car to see some lights and to get some chips... they weren't that happy at first, as they were desperate for chips!

We managed to get in some great lights, though.

And then chips. So yummy.

Advent: Day 17

Time to decorate cookies.

Our friend Ava came to visit us after school so we had someone else to join in the advent fun.

Don't forget Hatts!

Yummy. They tasted surprisingly good...

Advent: Day 18

Dance party... except it wasn't as Raf's best pals were really poorly. So then we had to think of plan B. When Raf arrived home from school he was very sad, but sort of knew it would be off as Gideon and Rohit weren't at school... We gave him two options: bowling or buying presents for his teachers. He chose the latter, so off we went to the shops.

Sort of more interested in looking for themselves! And yes, there's Charlie in shorts.

Raf searching for a book for Charlie. 


Yummy.. some chocolates.

And then a little drink after all our hard work.

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