Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016

The day was a blur. Presents and food and constant playing.. not the relaxed day that we were perhaps dreaming of, but a super, lovely, memorable day. 

Father Christmas has visited...

Can we dig right in?!

Rest for some replenishment.

But back to it...

A stack of presents from nana.

Shovels?! Yes, for very cool metal detectors.

Present for Daddy. A calendar, socks (of course) and a record player.

A bag for Nana from the children.

An umbrella!

Some science kits... Raf is digging for gems.

So much Lego. I am not the biggest fan!

Helicopter from Grandad and Grandma June.

A miniature nutcracker.

Yes, a frisbee from his brother.

Someone's happy.

So is this guy. Beer and a book ;)

More food.

We're so full!

And their favorite presents: a footy table, an art desk, and a big boy desk. Massive hits.

A few more gifts - from Father Christmas.

A sloth... Harry Potter book....

And back upstairs to play on our desks.

A lovely day... kids and grownups utterly exhausted!

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