Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Our big boy turned 7 on 7/7 (what an auspicious day!). We celebrated - on top of the Pokemon party - with a trip to Acadia National Park, a few hours north from us. We were very disorganized and ended up leaving much later in the day on the 6th than we'd planned. Still, we packed up - with not an inch of room to spare (I was literally stuffing in nappies wherever I could find some room...!), and off we went with everyone in good cheer.

Who needs to be able to see?!

It was a very hot day so en route we stopped off at Sweet Frog, which sells delicious vegan ice-cream.

And then we arrived... unpacking our tent and all our goods as the children were amazingly behaved. It was so much cooler, and sadly it was predicted to rain almost the entire time that we were there... which it did!!

After a VERY uncomfortable night for Hatts and I (our mattress deflated!!), we all woke up early... of course Raf was up with the crack of dawn. Very excited.

Camping birthday breakfast!

But whatever.. presents, please.

it was a very Pokemon kind of birthday.

We'd ordered this from etsy.. a special pokemon thing :)

And from Charlie...

Aunty Melissa.

And Chaz had a few little things, too.

And then we headed our for some hiking - before the worst of the weather hit.

Their new hiking, hydrating backpacks.

We even managed to get a cake.

Raf's main birthday wish was to have a campfire with s'mores. Well, it was bucketing it down but somehow the sky cleared for half an hour and out I went to make him a fire. We just about got our s'mores in before the heavens opened again.

A really fun day with my big boy and the crew. This just about sums him up.

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