Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh no, crash!

Raf still babbles a lot, interspersed with the odd recognizable word. For all we know he could be chatting up a storm and we're just not getting it, but tonight he said what I think is his first time at putting a few words together. While playing with his trains, he shouted:

"Oh no, CRASH!"

He kept on recreating crash scenes and saying the same phrase! it was very sweet. As he says 'oh no' he puts his hands on his head, and then moves them to his mouth when he says 'crash'! It was quite a dramatic performance :)


  1. It was a very sweet moment for us! xx

  2. Love this. Love toddler chatter! :)

  3. A few weeks ago I put Sawyer in a rugby shirt. He's not used to shirts with a few buttons and an opening like that. When I put it on him he looked at me with a very alarmed expression & clear as a bell said, "Oh no, it's broke!"