Saturday, October 19, 2013

Apple Picking Adventures

This morning Raf and I were looking at old pictures on the blog and I suddenly realised that I hadn't posted pics of this year's apple picking adventure - one of our very favourite Oliver-Campbell traditions. Last year I was heavily pregnant with Charlie and so this year we were excited to take him along for his first proper visit. The weather was beautiful and we spent a lovely afternoon picking apples, listening to music, going on a hay ride, and fun playing in a hay maze. 

Raf found it a little challenging to pick apples as he had only days earlier broken his arm and didn't even have on his proper cast. Still, he was a great helper...

And then got a little distracted by the passing tractor... which he ran after for quite some time, broken arm and all.

We managed to get him back to apple-picking and as Rich and Raf picked apples for a bit, me and Charlie sat and ate some apples.

Next up was a hay ride. Lots of fun!

And then about five hours playing in the maze. The best $2 we've spent all year.

And while we left Rafi to his own devices, playing in the maze with new friends, Charlie and I enjoyed some sunshine and some good tunes.

Lovely, lovely.

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