Sunday, October 27, 2013

Charlie turned One

More than a week late, but a quick birthday post! Charlie turned one on the 17th. It was a lovely day - beautifully warm and sunny. First thing in the morning, Charlie and I headed out before Rich and Rafi woke, for a long run. We passed some of our favourite places and towards the end of the run Charlie was fast asleep. 

After a busy morning  on campus, we headed out for a late lunch. It was more than 70 degrees and we decided to hit a nice pub for a lunch where the boys could play outside. Charlie was a menace going up and down the stairs to the play area but he enjoyed his favourite meal - spaghetti!

Going head first down a slide... his new trick.

Raf asked if we could visit a local farm. He still loves sheep and so went to see if we could visit some.

While the boys played outside I attempted to save the cake we made... it was a total disaster (really undercooked) but it tasted nice.

And then it was present time!

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