Monday, November 4, 2013

One Year Stats

I just returned from Charlie's first year wellness appointment. He's taller and leaner than his brother at the same age, with a slightly smaller noggin.

Charlie is 30.5 inches (half an inch taller than Raf) at 30.5 inches (65th percentile)
He weighs in at 20 pounds and 12 oz (Raf was 22 pounds) (38th percentile)
And his head is smaller than last time so I'm sure there was a measuring error at some point, but he still has a robust head at 19 inches (Raf's head was half an inch bigger) (93rd percentile).

He has a little virus which kept me up for most of last night, but he's otherwise doing really well. Raf was a trooper at the appointment, even though we were running late. How is Charlie already a year old? I am feeling definite baby fever!!

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