Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween Party!

A very belated post about Charlie's first birthday party! With so many friends' kids' birthdays in October, we were having a difficult time finding a date for Charlie's first birthday party so we decided, rather last minute, to hold a little 'do' on Halloween before heading out for trick or treating. It was a super nice evening, though holding a party midweek is a tad stressful, but worth it, nonetheless. 

I didn't get to snap many good photos during the party but I managed to get a photo of Charlie in his costume the weekend before. Our sweet little monster!

Raf enjoyed two Halloween parties... one at school. here he is trying on his cowboy suit. As someone noted, he looked like the Milky Bar Kid!

All of us headed to Raf's school for a little Halloween party. Charlie seemed so suddenly big as he joined his big brother at the table.

And Raf seemed even bigger as he helped himself to food.

We rushed home to set things up for the party. Rich was on decorations and did a fab job, carving some great pumpkins, putting up banners, and even changing out some lightbulbs for some more spooky ones!

Some of our favourtie people were there.

As well as Raf's bestie, Rowan...  (note the spooky green light!)

We headed out trick or treating. Alas it was rainy, though warn, and Charlie and I didn't stay out very long, but we did see our old, lovely neightbour, Jean.

A great night, with great friends. Happy first birthday, baby Charlie!

And a goodbye to our friends... 

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