Monday, November 25, 2013

Hikes, Memories, and Chips

A few Sundays ago we headed to one of our favourite places for an Autumn hike. It's a short walk, very children friendly, and we've been going since Raf was a little one. The walk took on new significance a couple of years ago as the photos of the walk were the last ones of Rafi that my dad saw before he died. They were great pictures, too, with a sweet video of Rafi running.  Dad said, he'd 'never known a boy like it', and was really looking forward to seeing him. 

Those memories make it a special place for me. Here Rich and Raf stop to do a little birding. 

And Raf stopped to make a little house for a squirrel.

Afterwards we headed to the pub some some drinks and chips.

A lovely day with all of my boys.

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