Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent: Day 1

We're currently a sick house, though hopefully everyone is on the mend. Poor Rich has been affected the most with 2 Dr. visits this week, and he's still dealing with the most awful cough and sinus infection. We had a low key Thanksgiving, as a result, and we also marked the passing of my dad on Friday. 

Yesterday, though, was December 1st! The first day of our Advent celebrations! Each day the boys open a card with an activity/treat inside. The first day saw us getting the tree and decorating it. Raf, especially, was so excited. We also got the boys a mini tree for upstairs. Charlie has already broken 2 ornaments :)


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  1. Thanks for posting - here we go again with our Christmas Advent!! Without illness would be great too!

    Not forgetting Charlie putting a lighted bulb in his mouth!!