Saturday, December 21, 2013

Funny Raf

Raf is a really funny kid. He's kind and feisty and sometimes he's just so unbelievably FOUR!! Today we went to a lovely party and he was awful to someone he usually loves to play with. It's terribly embarrassing when your kid is being a dink to another child that is being so sweet. He was out of sorts after waking up prematurely from a nap, but he was nonetheless a little dink.

He's usually a pretty kind boy, though, and he says - what I think - are pretty amazing things. When we were driving the other day, for instance, he commented that he wished he 'could play with the moon'. He noted that he'd need 'to climb a mountain and then climb a ladder to get to it', which invoked quite the visual. 

I love how 4 year olds are a combination of learned helplessness, amazing self-confidence, and an unrivaled sense of self-righteousness. At the dentist on Friday, the dentist remarked that he looked great in the sunglasses they have them wear. He responded, non-plussed, ''yes, I know'!



  1. Alex, does Rafi know/have this gorgeous book?

    lots of love to you all xoxoxo

  2. Oh goodness, fia! No! I have to get that book!
    Miss you. Xoxo