Friday, December 13, 2013

A week of Advent

We're very behind on posting advent adventures, mostly because we're sort of behind on the adventures after a terrible week of sickness. Last Sunday we planned to make some reindeer food and to take it into the woods to scatter for the animals. Alas, during a birthday party for one of Raf's friends, I suddenly felt very nauseated. This led to a horrible stomach flu, which, after a few hours, we were ALL down with. Absolutely miserable Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... We're all feeling much better, though it's hanging around a bit for me.

Even so, we've managed to squeeze in some things, even if it is all a bit out of order. 

This was Monday... we were going to pick up some decorations for his little tree but we actually all felt horrendous and ended up staying in. We did do it later in the week, though.

Tuesday we did actually go and buy decorations... but didn't then have the inclination to put them up. Wednesday and Thursday, as a result, were pretty busy!

Wednesday morning I took some photos of the boys before school so we could make our Christmas card. This was a bit of a disaster as Charlie was still poorly and thus not very jolly. I had to go outside into the freezing cold to make them laugh, taking pictures through the window. Whatever works!

That evening I packed up a picnic with some hot chocolate, and picked up Raf from school for an evening adventure. We went to see some pretty lights and pick up the photos I'd made from the shop I'd ordered from earlier that day. It was a really nice night.

Thursday.... we finally decorated the little tree!

When Raf returned home from school he opened his card for Thursday... yay, a dance party.

And then this happened... Charlie fell and caught his eye on the corner or the table. I cannot describe the amount of blood pouring out of his wound. Terrifying. I called 911 as I was on my own and I could not stop the bleeding. The EMT came and told us we needed to go to the hospital, which is where we spent all of Thursday evening. Charlie was a trooper and his head was glued rather than stitched.

The dance party was thus postponed....  Today was low-key - just some cookie cooking! But that is always a lot of fun.

And all that yummy chocolate and sugar gave us the energy for our postponed dance party! Rich bought home new instruments so we had a fine time. It was a ton of fun, with both boys really digging the Christmas tunes. 

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