Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A brilliant year with the boys. Everything else may have been a bit stressful and overwrought, but Raf and Charlie were their fun, effervescent, funny, brilliant selves. Raf transformed from seemingly a toddler to a proper preschooler, and Charlie went from being a baby to a little toddler.

Rafi learnt to ride his new bike.
Charlie learned to sit up, crawl, and then walk! That's a lot in one year.
Raf's language skills blossomed.
Charlie's finger pointing and grunting became ever more expressive.

Raf's favourite things to do in 2013 include: watching telly (not a proud moment, but it's true!), playing with his trains, riding his bike, doing puzzles, reading books, making himself dizzy, jumping on the bed, colouring, drawing pictures (usually of broken things), singing silly songs, dancing, cuddling and hugging, and counting to 100 together.

Charlie's favourite things do in 2013 include: being held and cuddled, playing with cars, planes, and trains, going into the broom cupboard, climbing stairs, throwing things down the staircase, throwing food, screeching, clapping, dancing, and pointing.

Raf's current favs:

Colour: Red
Toys: Trains, Buzz, puzzles.
TV show: Blues Clues (this changes weekly, though).
Films: Up, Toy Story, Jack Frost
Games: Restaurants, Doctors,
Music: Wham, Zero 7, Frank Sinatra
Food: Apples, Daiya cheese, toast, ice pops

Charlie's current favs (what we can determine!):

Food: Spaghetti
Music: the music to Tro Tro
Toys: anything that moves, but he especially loves zooming around his cars, making airplane sounds, and playing with trains on Raf's train table.

In 2014 Raf will begin Kindergarden, Charlie will begin daycare, and I am sure that we have many adventures ahead of us. Rich passed a huge licensing exam, so he will soon be working as a clinical counselor (huge accomplishment after such a lot of hard work, time, and effort), and while I didn't do anything big, like learn to walk, ride a bike, pass a big exam, I survived the year! Every day I look at the boys and feel as though my heart couldn't get any bigger or fuller, and yet it seems to. I must kiss the boys a thousand times a day and tell them I love them a thousand more. I wish time would slow down.

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  1. your boys are wonderful. happy new year, A. :)