Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

With illness abound we had a fairly low key New Year's Eve. We were planning on joining some friends for a party with the kids, but with Charlie sick and me and Raf beginning to show signs of coming down with it, we ended up staying home. Before that, though, I took Raf up to Portland to the Children's Museum for a 12pm pajama party and balloon drop! We had a super fun time, though Raf was a bit overwhelmed by the noise and didn't like it at all when some of the other kid started to pop the balloons. 

A red one!

Before we headed to bed for an early night, we enjoyed some lovely soup.

And then cuddles on the couch. Lovely stripy bottoms :)

The next day we had a quiet day, too. A nice evening dinner.

Carving tofurky is serious business.

And while I had a bath, the boys iced a star cake!

Lots and lots of sprinkles.

It's been a cold, snowy start to 2014. I hope that this year is healthy for us all, though it's begun with some sickness and I am either having a bout of gout (surely I am too young) or I have a pesky bunion. Boo. 

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