Sunday, January 19, 2014


Nana is here! My mum's been here for a week and will be staying with us for 5 more. The boys are so excited! Raf joined me for the trip to Boston to pick her up, and after the most nightmarish journey I've ever had (broken wiper blade in torrential rain and a really awful demented homing pigeon moment which saw me drive into downtown Boston), we arrived back in Maine late Saturday evening. Raf would not leave her alone... so many hugs and kisses. This was the welcome mum received.. 

And he's been glued to mum's side ever since.

Charlie is really into Nana, too! Lots of sloppy, sloppy kisses.

And Nana is FUN! Especially mealtimes.

And she even joins in with arts and crafts, though she'll be the first to admit that art is not her strong suit.

What will Nana create?

It's really lovely having Nana here! Raf is especially delighted. When I asked him who he loved, he said, first, 'the two girls in the house'. Later he responded, 'the girl from Spain'!

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  1. oh my god charlie's ecstatic eating is so so lovely. x