Sunday, January 26, 2014

Charlie's Week!

What has Charlie been up to this week? He drew his first proper picture, ran Nana rugged with his continual desire to ride in the car she bought him for his birthday, played with his first balloon from Raf's best friend's birthday, and was generally just a sweetie, albeit one that slept horribly (just in time for the first week of classes!).

He loves bath time! I didn't get a picture of it, but Charlie also loves swimming. Whilst Raf has his lesson, I take Charlie into the pool for a quick splash about. He can often be heard saying, 'quack quack'.

Charlie's sleeping blankets with legs so he can walk, are really adorable. We call him the 'boy in the bag'.

Feeding Sammy...

Stories in bed.

Little climber...

Loves to drive his car, though it involves one of us pushing him around the house, around and around and around and around. The car is currently hidden in the downstairs loo!

Early morning play with trains.


  1. Hey lovely, could you send me a link to the sleeping blanket with legs (if you bought it and it wasn't custom made). xoxo Kay

  2. Love him! So active! You must have your hands full all the time. But holy cow...too cute! :)