Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing  Day isn't an official holiday here, alas, but we nonetheless celebrate it by doing not much of anything. It was mostly a home/pajama day (for Raf, at least), playing with our new toys, playing in the snow, a Boxing Day tea, a bath, and a dance party. 

Charlie was up early, just for a change! He took advantage of the quiet time to play with Raf's new castle.

 Soon both boys were up and they enjoyed a morning of snuggling on the couch while Raf watched a couple of shows.

They were joined by the pups, too.

Raf made some cool structures with his new mangatiles...

And then we all bundled up and headed outside.

Poor Chas can barely walk in his snowsuit and snow boots.

But he could lie down on the sleigh and I pulled the boys around the neighborhood. And then Rich ran around with them...!

Our Boing Day tea was a bit measly as it snowed most of the day and we didn't want to head out to the shops to buy extra stuff, so we made do. It was still yummy, especially as we had picked up a few English treats for the holidays.

First time in bubbles!

And then a Wham dance party!

Rich modeling his new jammies.

Night, Charlie.

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  1. Great photographs and words. We love Boxing Day! Everyone needs a day like this to rest mind & body xx