Sunday, December 15, 2013

Activity Report 2013

I've been reminded by Al that I haven't blogged for a few weeks!! I've wanted to write a blog on Rafi's active adventures this year for some time so here's a recap - and looking towards 2014 some things we may consider exploring -

Hiking and Biking
- both of these have gone very well and we'll definitely expand distances and terrain once the snow finally disappears around May time! Whilst he was using stabilizers (training wheels), he was zipping about and covered 4 miles in one go - though the return journey that day was double the time and not as much fun but he kept going and was hungry/thirsty too. Only the winter has interrupted him losing the wheels sooner...

Gym class
- as we did last summer we had a break over the summer since it doesn't run on a Saturday - and well the beach takes priority for the few months of lovely sunshine and warmth. He loved returning to the class in the fall - and he takes so much glee from running, climbing, hanging etc - it's a joy to watch! We can't wait for Charlie to join in now!

- he loves to be in the water and has made good strides over the last six months since it was slow progress before we hit a consistent pattern of going to the pool either with weekly classes and then on our own. Now he seems very comfortable in the water - and 2014 should see full swimming!!

Football (soccer)
- we returned not knowing how this would go since last year. Raf wasn't to keen and always wanted to skip out before the end. So we tried - and this year there was a team element after some initial skills in a very large group. Supervised by some burly British folk - it was quickly apparent that the format and 'mob scene' numbers of participants wasn't to Raf's liking. His first game he was pushed over a few times and that was that. It didn't help that parents shouts of 'be aggressive' in a game involving four year olds set an unpleasant tone that wasn't challenged by staff. Raf broke his arm not long after this first session so we didn't return and we will have a long think before we explore soccer again - possibly a smaller group format and concentrating on skills and less on winning games. Some European countries focus on these elements until kids are 7/8 years old and make it much more fun in the process. I still have dreams of him playing for Barcelona!! Or Charlie now!

Snow sports
- as I write we are having our first huge snowstorm of the season so thoughts turn to how to get outside and enjoy the white stuff since it will be an unwelcomed part of our lives for the next 4 or 5 months. We do snowshoe and Raf enjoyed that last year so that will be one avenue to explore again. Not being skiers or snowboarders - we may need outside assistance to get these activites going since we feel that he would like it and the earlier the better to start. We can hopefully watch from inside with hot drinks!

Ideas for 2014
- tennis, little league baseball and surfing! Watch this space...

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