Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent: Day 7

We had a very busy day planned for yesterday. Unfortunately it wasn't off to a good start as Charlie woke up in the wee hours vomiting. Many changes of bed linen and pajamas later (for me and him), the entire crew was up and downstairs before 4:15am. Charlie was otherwise fine... no fever, playing, and when not vomiting, not seemingly sick. The original plan was for us all to go and see Santa for breakfast, and then I'd take Raf to a birthday party while a sitter watched Charlie. We didn't feel good leaving Charlie so Rich went into his internship late and went home with him, and Raf skipped gym class (which we were planning on squeezing in between the breakfast and the first part of the day...). It was still a super day, but all of us were tired, and we ended up having to skip another party later in the afternoon. We did, though, make it to a post-Hannukah party, which both boys enjoyed thoroughly. 

Raf was delighted that he awoke to snow!

Great pic of Charlie.. I am clearly very tired!

Crafts at the breakfast.

So excited to see Santa!

And dancing...

The boys loved it.

I was a little scared that Charlie might vomit on Santa.

We then rushed off to a classmate's birthday party to see Frozen at the movies. Raf loved the swag bag, especially the two pairs of glasses he got.

He wore his green sunglasses as we walked up to Ayala's house in the dark... and then to light a candle.

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