Saturday, October 5, 2013

Broken Bones

Last Thursday, during one of our after school adventures, Rafi fell from a slide and broke his arm. It was perhaps one of the most frightening moments in our lives, as Rich and I looked on as Raf seemingly stepped off a 7-8 ft high slide, landing on his face, lying there apparently unresponsive for a few moments. I was farther away, grappling Charlie out of a swing, and when I heard the panic in Rich's voice as he shouted, 'Rafi', I was gripped with terror myself. Finally he let out a big cry. Such relief. Still sobbing, we put him in the car and took him to the Emergency Room. He was complaining about a sore arm (through the sobs) and it was such a big fall.

Moments before the fall... 

And this is the dreaded slide....

Expecting they'd tell us there was nothing to worry about, I was a bit surprised as they ordered a CT scans and multiple x-rays. Raf was a complete star throughout everything. In spite of being in a lot of pain he bravely endured his first CT scan and x-rays, and the radiology tech commented on how amazing he'd been. Eventually the scan results came back normal as did the x-rays, so after a couple more hours of observation for his concussion, we made it back home.

The next morning Raf was holding his arm as though it was broken, and when the ER Dr. called us that morning I wasn't overly surprised when she told us that the ER Dr. who had seen Rafi had missed a fracture on the x-ray. Apparently the Radiologist read it that morning and saw a buckle fracture on his wrist... so back in we went.

They put on a temporary splint and then we headed to the shops to buy some much coveted Duplo train track for Rafi!

It didn't stop him from playing footy in the garden on Sunday!

We saw the orthopedist on Monday, who put a lovely bright red cast on Raf's arm. Thankfully it'll be off in a 4 weeks as children heal much more quickly than adults. He can also carry on as normal, aside from swimming, so while it was slightly terrifying, this accident could have been so much worse.

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