Sunday, September 29, 2013

After School Adventures

Now the semester is fully underway, we're busier than ever. On Mondays Rich is home with the boys and then on Tues, Weds, and Thurs, Raf is in school. Most days Rich goes to his internship once I get home from work and each day I try to do something with the boys, especially since the evenings are relatively light still and the weather is warmish. On Mondays, though, Rich brings the boys up to see me at lunch time! It's such a treat. Here they are crawling into the corridor.  

Charlie and I enjoy a bit of mummy and Charlie time before we collect Rafi. He loves being outside.

We also took the dogs to the beach for a quick walk.

One favourite thing to do is to go to the park. Rich's internship is just up the road so he sometimes joins us, too. Charlie LOVES the swing.

And the play structure.

Raf loves the slide - though I will update in another post how that might not be the case now... especially this slide pictured below.

On really special days we bump into good friends like Rowan and his mum, Anne!

As I make dinner the boys play.. and fight, and Charlie tries to climb the stairs.

Sometimes we just hang out in the garden.

Last week we bought Charlie a new bike seat that goes on my bike. I installed it and Raf, Charlie, and I headed out for our inaugural ride!

Charlie wasn't sure about this at first, though mostly it was putting the helmet on that proved to be most difficult.

On one of our rides up to the cemetery, Raf was very sad that we didn't have time to look around, so after school last week I picked him up and we headed to the cemetery (a really beautiful one), to look around. Raf said he missed everyone there, and said they missed him, too! At one point he hugged a gravestone - someone born in 1844 and called Enoch - and Raf exclaimed that he missed him a great deal.

Another trip to the park the following evening.

And another one the next day...

Alas, this trip didn't go so well. 30 mins after this photo was taken Raf fell from this very slide and broke his arm. Another post on our ER adventure to follow!

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