Monday, September 2, 2013

Cousins: Part Five

It's already September but it wasn't so long ago that the boys' cousins were visiting. I'm finally getting around to posting some final pictures. During week 3 my brother in law, Sam, came to visit. The kids were incredibly excited, and even though Raf has no memory of Uncle Sam, he absolutely loved him. 

Excitedly waiting in Kennebunport!

Hurray! Raf was enthralled with his uncle.

The next morning we hit the beach. Melissa, Rich, and I - all enjoyed being left alone as the three big kids vied for Sam's attention.

A lovely lunch at Flatbread Pizza in the afternoon.. with a long wait for a table.

And I'm not sure what we were thinking, but a trip to Old Orchard Beach that evening for some fair fun.

More beach fun...

Some much needed rest.

And lots of restaurant time. It was a really fun stay-cation with the family.

The weather was quite good and so we also got back to the lake.

And Melissa and I enjoyed an hour of our books as the boys took care of the kids. Bliss.

Late nights and busy days... worn out boys.

While the big kids went to the baseball to see the Sea Dogs, Melissa and I hung out with Charlie and took the doggies for a walk on the beach.

Raf was enthralled with Slugger, the mascot, and Rich reported that he was very sad when he didn't get to give Slugger a hug! Next time.

 More lake time.

And the kids met some new friends. It was super as they didn't fight the entire time!

En route home we stopped off for a veggie burger and favourite chips.

And of course returned to the beach the next day for some beach time. Mind you, it wasn't the hottest this particular evening.

A farewell dinner....

And a goodbye in Target. 

A brilliant visit. Can't wait for next year.

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