Friday, August 30, 2013

Mid Week Fun!

Yes, three blogs in one day, but we've been squeezing so much in. On Monday after work I headed to the park with the boys and met Rich after his internship.  Charlie loves the swing!

I was sad to leave this little poppet on Tuesday morning for a long day at work.

But at lunchtime Rich brought Charlie to see me!

After a long day Raf and I played on his swing set and then we hit the beach for a very late evening walk with the pups.

The days are getting shorter but the sunset was stunning. We're so lucky to live here.

Rich and Raf had a wonderful time chasing one another.

And Charlie and I enjoyed a nice paddle in the warm sea water.

A very late night and the boys were fast asleep in no time.

No pictures on Wednesday (see previous post about Dr appointment), but on Thursday I took Charlie on an impromptu lunch run after a very busy morning.

And later to Target where Charlie sat in the trolley for the first time ever. He liked it!

A celebratory dinner as Raf pooped on the toilet (let's just say we've had a lot of regression since Charlie was born in the bathroom department).

And this evening we enjoyed dinner al fresco. Charlie is finally starting to eat more, and tonight he really enjoyed some peas!

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