Friday, August 9, 2013

Cousins: Part Two

The cousins and Aunty Melissa and Uncle Sam left today. It's been an incredibly busy visit with 4 kids and lots and lots of trips, visits, and fun. I'm going to post some pictures over the next few days so that we can remember snippets of all the lovely times. I do have to say that there was a lot of argy barhy fighting between the boys - but in spite of that they also had wonderful times playing and loving each other.

We managed to get to Sebago Lake 4 times this visit. Here's our first trip. The water is so beautifully warm and the Children loved it. 

Three little super heros!

Three Campbell women.

When we returned home there was a lot of craziness as the boys ran around the house singing, dancing, and jumping off of the furniture. Raf was singing, 'We did it, we did it, we did it'. I'm not quite sure what they actually did, though there was a lot of destruction in their wake.

We managed to herd the kids to the beach for a beautiful evening walk (one of many). I think that these walks and swims were my favourite moments.

And even on cloudier days the walks were brilliant - and always there was some swimming,

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