Friday, August 30, 2013

Adventures abound!

Classes began this week so it's been very busy as we get into a new routine. I have so many pictures from the summer to post, though, still. Here are some of last weekend. A few more from the Botanical Gardens... mostly from the children's garden. 

The Sunday was just as busy. In the morning we went on a family run. Charlie slept most of the way!

When we got home we packed up the car with a picnic and went to the State Park for some lunch and an afternoon on the beach. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day.

Some kind people lent us an umbrella, which Charlie used as a crutch for standing. Much fun was had.

It all got too much for Charlie, who enjoyed a little nap in the shade!

While Charlie napped, a little seal beached itself on the shore. We called the marine mammal wildlife center and they sent a team out to rescue her. Hopefully she's okay.

Frankly we were all exhausted, but we had promised Rafi that we'd take him to Old Orchard Beach for some fair fun... He has a brilliant time, though it's not nearly as much fun without cousins to ride the rides with.

A fun packed weekend... trying to cram everything in before autumn arrives.

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