Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Charvee Unleashed...

Things are changing around these here parts. Not so long ago, Charlie's world consisted of about four square foot give or take - you could safely go about things (a shower for example) safe in the knowledge that he would be where you left him, surrounded by toys etc. So now - with him finding his leg strength and crawling at full steam in the last three weeks - his world has expanded to all four walls and beyond given half a chance. Throw in his great grabbing and throwing skills - then life as we knew it is over and we are in full safety mode! Every waking moment, is determining where Charlie is and whether it needs intervention, and whether wires are involved.

Tipping over the dog bowls, chewing computer wires, standing on the dishwasher door, breaking Raf's train set, are just a few of the new daily incidents we are dealing with - and he does it all with a smile on his face until we try to intervene and then the tears flow as we try to get him to let go of the wire or handful of dog biscuits (see below) - fun days!!!

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